an interactive murder mystery event


Nine perfect strangers at a masquerade ball. A scream and 'Robin Hood' is flat on his face, a knife in his back.

The room is richly decorated with leather couches and antiques. You are in a mansion, and you are not alone. Others mingle in the space; other detectives like yourself, but also the suspects of your investigation. Both the household staff and the guests of this fatal masquerade ball are under suspicion. You will interview them as you mingle, but don't forget about the physical clues hidden in this magically real world. Tickets only $10.

Retrospective Comments
This was the first interactive murder mystery that had actors. For me, "Ambition" was an amazing experience. The cast became family, and the show was a huge success in every way: the crowds, the performances, and what we were achieving with this new experience. Audiences really got into it; they found the interaction accessible, and the performances so believable that some participants actually wanted to avoid certain characters.

It's important to note that Ambition was not a play, and it was not a bit of theatre in someone's house. It was a production that was thoroughly improvised, taking characters which the actor knew inside-out, and placing them in the murder-mystery circumstance.


"Great performances! Very impressed everyone could stay in character under such fire.

"Fantastic!! Heaps of fun. Will be back next week to continue the investigations!"

"Awesome! Those damn plates!!! I felt very, very challenged. Excellent."

"Excellent, an excellent idea, really original and really well planned. Brilliant."

"I truly appreciate this interactive experience. It delighted all of my senses. Thank you."

"Thanks for bringing something new to the world of performing arts. It was a great challenge and an enjoyable evening."

"That was an awesome show. It is so refreshing to be able to think for once and be entertained at the same time. Well done to all the cast too."

"Well, at least this exhibition has last-ability! I'm going to be here for days dammit! Well done."

"My mighty brain is sorely vexed but greatly entertained; the fiendish nature of the quest ensures I'll come again."

"Totally gorgeous show. Social activity, pensive moments and so tactile. I loved it."

"Amazing and infuriating. Well done. I will be thinking about it for a while."

"Nice integration with the actor giving a sense of the living community."

"Very original! We were really impressed with the level of thought used to compose your work."


Steve, Barb, RBG Chocolate Eaters, JC Westend, and Clark Rubber Niddrie.

"I truly appreciate this interactive experience. It delighted all of my senses. Thank you."
~ audience member


Sold Out Season


4-25 JUN 2004


The Ante Room
via North Court, Union House
University of Melbourne
Melbourne (AU)


Creator/Director/Producer -
Vanessa B Baylen

Andrew Holmes -
Paul Nelson

Beck Green-Bottle -
Frances Marrington

Boag Stub -
David Lamb

Cassy Cade -
Efisia Fele

Corona Crown -
Lee Foyster

Draftance Carlton Dark -
Benjamin Evans

Flip Grolsh -
Tanya Rich

Prue Holmes -
Samantha Hill

Victoria Bitter -
Kate Scarlett

Casting Assistant -
May Jasper

Stage Manager
& Box Office -
Helena Bender

Fundraising -
Teresa Lebel

Artwork -
Vanessa B Baylen






WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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