an interactive murder mystery with chocolate tasting


A chocolate-themed singles night has gone horribly wrong… can you solve WhoDunnit? Interview the suspects, sample the chocolates, solve the crime - it's all up to you. Tickets include a 2+ hour live event, chocolate tasting, plus an online interactive experience.

"Interactive here is almost an understatement" ~ Fringe Review (UK)

How It Works…
Upon purchase of your ticket, you immediately begin your interactive experience. A mini-website gets your skills up to speed as the student detective you're about to embody. Next, you attend the live event: get your detective kit, briefing, and launch straight in the deep end of two hours interrogating 8 suspects, sampling chocolates, swapping notes, and rifling through 9 evidence trays. To complete the live event; submit your findings, share insights at the debrief, and make an accusation on WhoDunnit. But you're not done there… the secret website and authorisation code gain you entry to four weeks worth of new clues, revelations, online discussion, and more. The conclusion is also broadcast here, with full confessions, and all criminals arrested.

"Involving… far too easy to get caught up in the whole drama" ~The Age (Australia)

Winner of "Best Special Event" at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2007.
New Zealand premiere with new plot twists, local cast and exquisite chocolate.
Sold out Edinburgh 2008, Adelaide 2008 (with extended season), and Melbourne 2007.

Event also available for private bookings - please contact us.


Live Event + Chocolate Tasting + Online Experience
$38 Full / $30 Student OR $10 Online Only Experience (available internationally)


The chocolate featured throughout the season comes from Wellington business, Bohemein: Fresh Chocolates.

What you will see is a special sneak preview of their new look, and what you will taste is their signature freshness.

Bohemein were previously known as Melting Perfection Chocolatiers. They are located in Hataitai and on Featherston St. 



"Not one of [the actors] lost their character in the face of a barrage of sometimes quite bizarre questions and accusations."

"Strangers start to bond over shared revelations"

"I just spent a good half hour on the website and it is great... [I'm] pretty impressed by the overall value of the ticket price. I am tempted to go again later"
~ Theatreview


"Great evening... great chocolate! Actors were great and really good at staying in character. Well done guys."

"Absolutely fantastic! Sooo much information! So well done! Amazing."

"Awesome! Actors were really good and stayed in character. Chocs were fantastic! Big thumbs up, well done!"

"Absolutely brilliant!! Most fun I have had in weeks!"


George @ Bohemein, Jan @ Dransfield House, Bob & James @ Eventfinder, Belinda @ Trendee, Jo @ ID Solutions, Ann @ DPG, Brielle & Sarah @ PrintStop, Claire Medcalf, George Oliver, Virginia Greaves, Helena Bender, Steven Heath, Phoebe Swift, all the cast and crew for their extra help and support… and to you too!

"Absolutely brilliant!!
Most fun I have
had in weeks!"

~ audience member


Sold Out Performances


4-27 SEP 2009


Dransfield House
335 Willis St
Wellington (NZ)


Creator/Director/Producer -
Vanessa B Baylen

Creative Consultant -
Brylee Lamb

Chocolate -
Bohemein Fresh Chocolates

Barman -
Adam Bayshaw

Alison "Allie" Gull -
Kerina Deas

Beverley Hylskop -
Robert Hickey

Cassandra "Kaz" Enova -
Ban Abdul

Ivanna "Coco" Noe -
Ella Kahu

Jack Azz -
Thomas Rimmer

Justin Case -
Matt Clayton

Melissa Barron -
Vanessa B Baylen

Pearl Harber -
Aisha Pachoud

Susan "Sue" Tuble -
Amalia Calder

Tamara "Tam" Artow -
Brylee Lamb

Flash Games -
Neroli Wesley
David Pritchard

Website Design -
Caspian Ievers

Website Build & Support -
Brandon Stewart

General Assistants -
Adam Bayshaw
Brylee Lamb

Photos -
Matt Evans
Vanessa B Baylen

Annabel Carberry






WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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