an interactive murder mystery art installation


Husband and wife found dead in their home. Friends and family are the only connections we have.

"Evidence" involves you, the detective, decoding 22 pieces of art in order to solve the deaths of Ralph and Samantha White. Using a wide variety of mediums including plasticine, stain glass, carved stone, and found objects, this installation will take the genre of 'visual mystery' from books (eg: "The Eleventh Hour" by Graeme Base) into the realm of the 3D.

Retrospective Comments
"Evidence" was the first, and is very special to me. It had a lot of things about it that made it VERY difficult for the poor audience-detectives, but it was great fun making it. I was, and am, very proud that I did just about all of it by myself, even though a lot of the pieces didn't live up to the standards I had for them. The funny thing about it all is that "Evidence" was originally going to be a book; 3D objects photographed and compiled into a 2D form. Thank you very much to all those who helped persuade me away from the visual novel I was intending to make! I very much doubt what we now have in WhoDunnit Events would exist otherwise.





Steve, Barb, TTT class, Sis, Teddy & SJ.

~ audience member


7 NOV 2003


The Black Hole
Level 4, The Arts Center
University of Melbourne
Melbourne (AU)


Creator/Director/Producer -
Vanessa B Baylen

Voice of Cassandra Karver -
Annabel Pemberton

Voice of Detective -
Kate Scarlett

Model in Photograph -
Mel Thewlis

Artwork -
Vanessa B Baylen

Photoshop Assistant -
Ewan Campbell







WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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