What is a WhoDunnit Event like?
Our events are fully interactive, commonly immersive, and you can participate as much or little as you like. We create experiences which, like puzzles, are designed to exercise your grey matter. Our events are a fusion of theatre, art, puzzle game, and story. Events always include a splash of fun.

Can I just… sit there and watch?
Our events are not traditional theatre, but fully active experiences. Each event has a unique format, which you will be informed of prior to buying a ticket. Some events are like mingling at a cocktail party. Others contain multiple optional mini-events with the balance of the show completed in your own time online. We NEVER force you to do anything, and we DO NOT set you up in embarrassing situations. If you feel timid at the outset, follow around a more active player until your cold feet have melted.

Are your events suitable for children?
Yes, generally speaking, however it does depend on the child.
For our puzzle-events (only) the "difficulty" of puzzles is designed for an all-ages/adult market. While not targeted at children, kids lateral minds often excel at these puzzles (especially as part of an adult team). Nintendo's "Professor Layton" series has a similar level of variety and difficulty to our puzzles.
For our murder mysteries (only), the content of suspects' secrets is unquestionably adult; but many of our best detectives have been unwavering and direct 8-14 year olds. For these events we recommend a "mature minded" rating, regardless of age.

Are your events suitable for individuals with differing access requirements?
Yes, to an extent. Most of our events offer a combination of tactile clues,online investigation, and conversation-based characters, so there should be something for everyone. Please feel free to get in touch beforehand to discuss your requirements.

How can I get involved?
If you want to participate as an audience member, simply review our upcoming events, acquire your ticket, complete any registration, and you're on your way.
If you're excited to participate as an actor, artist, puzzle maker, designer, etc, please Contact Us with details of your skillset and interests.




How does "Death By Chocolate" work?

  1. Hear about an upcoming season and purchase a ticket
  2. Read and follow the instructions on your ticket (where applicable)
  3. Attend the live event…
    …receive a briefing on the crime, suspects, and setting
    …divide your time between interviewing suspects, sifting through evidence, and swapping notes with fellow detectives
    …participate in the debrief where all discoveries are revealed
    …make a group accusation and preliminary arrest
    …receive secret information to continue the case online
  4. After the event, login to the secret website where you receive additional clues, and can ask further questions
  5. Attend a subsequent live event (if desired)
  6. Complete your experience by hearing detailed explanation and confessions

Can't I just… sit in my seat and watch?
"Death By Chocolate" is not a traditional theatre production; there is no stage and no assigned seats. It is a fully active experience, not dissimilar to mingling at a cocktail party. Our suspects (actors) react directly to what you (detectives) ask, and hence you dictate how (and how much of) the story unfolds. No part of this event singles you out, we don't force you to do anything, and it is not an embarrassing situation. However, if you still desire at the outset to "watch", you are welcome to follow another detective around the room while they interact with the puzzles and people. We hope that you'll be inspired to join in after your cold feet have melted.

Does the murderer change every night?

No. All crimes, backgrounds and sub-stories are set for the whole season. Everything is there waiting for you to uncover. We must do it this way or else it would be impossible to solve.

When do I find out the answer?
As with any real life investigation, it takes time for all the information to come to light. Thankfully, unlike real world crime, there is a solution to our puzzles and you will know the full and complete truth in due course. Refer to the "How does it work?" query (above) for a clearer idea of how this unfolds.

Will I have enough time?
Solving this puzzling mystery always seems to take more time than audience's expect. We recommend you schedule your first visit early in the season so you have the chance to come again and pick up where you left off (if need be).



"I was blown away with the professionalism and sheer ingenuity of this concept"
~ Scotsgay


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"Spies of Barrie" is Growing

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Website facelift... 10 years in the making

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It's a treasure hunt, a real one, where you solve clues online and in the real world to find the treasure and/or win custom minted gold medals. Play solo or in a team of up to 6, and keep your pirate-eyes peeled for an epic story.

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