an interactive murder mystery art installation


Can you catch a child serial-killer? The only (known) link is the house in which they were all resident at the time of their deaths. You -- investigative journalist extraordinaire -- are sent to piece together this mystery, and maybe even figure out 'WhoDunnit'. Decode the clues, interview the suspects, solve the crime - it's all up to you.

A gallery based installation combining art, actors and multimedia.

Retrospective Comments
"House" was largely an art exhibition, but also included a computer animated phone which you could use to 'communicate' with suspects, a looped video, and one actor. Upon walking into the gallery, one could be mistaken for thinking it was a show for children: 6 bright colours covered nearly every object, there were toys on the floor, things to move around on the walls... even a discarded toddler-sized sock. But of course, upon reading the painted quilt, one discovers what is really afoot. Did you work out which suspect was killing these children, and why?




"Well, at least this exhibition has last-ability! I'm going to be here for days dammit! Well done."

"My mighty brain is sorely vexed but greatly entertained; the fiendish nature of the quest ensures I'll come again."

"Totally gorgeous show. Social activity, pensive moments and so tactile. I loved it."

"Amazing and infuriating. Well done. I will be thinking about it for a while."

"Nice integration with the actor giving a sense of the living community."

"Very original! We were really impressed with the level of thought used to compose your work."


Steve, Barb, D&D class, Sis, Teddy, RBG Chocolate Eaters, Jules, balloon blowing team, Mel, Ceri at Intrude, Ben M.E., my fellow collaborators, Bobby, Lee C, May, Lee Z, Hannah, Dean, Tristan, Fabio, Sam H, Kate & 'Divine Intervention'.

"My mighty brain is sorely vexed but greatly entertained"
~ audience member


27 OCT - 9 NOV 2004
Tue, Wed, Sat @ 12-5pm
Thurs, Fri @ 12-7pm


Intrude Gallery
22 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Melbourne (AU)


Creator/Director/Producer -
Vanessa B Baylen

Rick Morgan -
Paul Nelson

Voice of Bruce Patters -
Benjamin Evans

Voice of Davie Rook
& Tom Tsimokis -
David Lamb

Voice of Hazel Kem -
Anna Knight

Voice of Kylie Jones -
Samantha Bok

Voice of Shane Cook -
Frances Marrington

Voice of Tony Malbourough -
Tim Egan

Computer Phone Programmer -
Neroli Wesley

Introduction Quilt Painter -
Annabel Carberry

Other Media -
Vanessa B Baylen

Balloons and more -
Helena Bender

Equipment -
Seventh Floor Productions
Papillion Blanc Productions






WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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