NEWS 2011

JUN 2011

Silent Night – bespoke fundraiser

This month sees the presentation of a custom-made murder-mystery fundraising event. As requested, the night will be a round-the-dinner-table murder mystery where the audience play the roles of the suspects. Details within the storyline have been tailored to match real locations in the small Victorian town of Kyneton, Australia. The event will run for a set number of nights and by invitation only.

Silent Night is a fundraiser for SNAFU Theatre's upcoming tour to Edinburgh Fringe. If you will be in the UK this Auguest, keep your eyes peeled for a most stellar production: 'Murder at Warrabah House' (written by May Jasper).

17 FEB 2011

Busy at Adelaide Fringe

As seems to happen every time, as soon as we get into that period of having the show on: we find ourselves completely flat out ensuring every detail is perfected for our audiences. Perhaps this is the bane of interactive events (as opposed to regular theatre), that the most work is when it's on, not beforehand.

So we've been running around Adelaide meeting with our secret venues; we've been searching online to make sure you can't just google a clue's answer; we've been keeping tabs on how the teams are all doing (through the leaderboard and guess log); and we've been attending daily interviews at the Fringe caravan (plus selected radio stations, print press, etc).

If you've not already heard about Aardfard's Treasure Hunt, why not take a look at It's a treasure hunt, a real one, where you solve clues online and in the real world to find the treasure and/or win custom minted gold medals.

Coming soon at this address will be our new-look, 2011 WhoDunnit Events website, care of our in-house designer: Adam Bayshaw. We're also deciding where in the world to stage our next production -- feel free to suggest your city!

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"As one person we chatted to said, it's much harder than it looks on TV!"
~ Tourism Victoria





WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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