NEWS 2013

JUL 2013

"Spies of Barrie" is Growing

Since I’ve set up a page for WhoDunnit Events on Facebook, I find I’m updating there quite a bit and neglecting updates on this site. Perhaps this means I can re-envision what is written in this here news section. What about “live” updates on social media (I have a lesser-used twitter account, too, here) , with a monthly summary on this site... would that suit you?

July started off with a bang – revealing my existence to the folks of Simcoe and Huronia via the (only) theatre news site of this region: The Green Room. And then things got busy. Art began appearing for “Spies of Barrie”; first there was a sneak preview of Earl Buzzer Magpie turned into a polymer clay clip (by Gavy Swan), and then hot on its heels was a detail from an original art puzzle which will be appearing in full as part of the game (by Colin Randell).

Throughout the month we also had discussions with local businesses, found out our application for additional funding from OAC was strong but not successful on this occasion, and steadily worked on the “Spies of Barrie” website.

For August news (until the summary appears here) – please head to Facebook; I’d like to give this format a try for another month. Your thoughts (pro and con) are most welcome via any of our communication channels.

JUN 2013

Website facelift... 10 years in the making

Adam Bayshaw (of Bayshaw Design) has been finding a few moments in his spare time to complete the belated facelift for this website, and now it coincides with no lesser reason that our Ten Year Anniversary. No idea how a decade has gone by so quickly. You can look forward to more information on that big date later this year (between late-July and early-November).

Have a look at the evolution of the site over the years. What a progression!

Also in line with this update, WhoDunnit Events has finally got a FB Page of its very own. Of course we have had pages for events in the past (and characters, and...), but we weren't expecting so many of you wanting to follow WhoDunnit Events itself. Thanks to those special folks who made us reconsider that at the start of this year (see Jan 2013: Aardfard Requests... Two Years On).

MAY 2013

Ambition Cast Gearing Up For Ten Years

Not too dissimilar to our shock in January (see Jan 2013: Aardfard Requests... Two Years On), this week we've heard from our outstanding first cast – the actors of "Ambition". One had found the ol' cast T at the bottom of a box, posted it on FB and tagged everyone in it. Soon, of course, talked was sparked for a 10 Year Reunion in 2014.

Have we not mentioned yet that 2013 marks WhoDunnit Events' 10 Years of creating interactive experiences? Well – it will soon be upon us. Stay tuned later this year for further details.

6 MAR 2013


Today we’ve heard back from Barrie Ontario’s Department of Culture regarding its 2013 Arts Grant program... and we were successful! Barrie: keep your eyes peeled. A spy-themed interactive experience is coming your way THIS YEAR!

JAN 2013

Aardfard Requests... Two Years On

This week we were very humbled to see our dormant “I’m Part of Aardfard’s Treasure Hunt” FB Group become active TWO YEARS after the 2011 Adelaide season. Very sweetly, our amazing and wonderful past audience let us know – out of the blue – how much they appreciated that event, and how much they wanted us back to do it again!

Well, we can’t let any chickens out before they hatch, but there are some plans in the making for this year. Stay tuned.

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