Expressions of interest sought from performers to take part in a highly interactive event in Sept/Oct 2013. All ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience are welcome.

Time commitment for roles which are "brief encounters"
...2-3 rehearsals
...15min to 1hour interactive performance on ONE day

Time commitment for roles which are "characters"
...3-5 rehearsals
...15min to 1hour interactive performance on MULTIPLE days (max 9)
...Desirable: open to writing 'in-character' as part of the online experience

Performance dates are between Sept 14 and Oct 26 (inclusive), and will be sporadic dates within that period (ie, NOT a performance season). This event is a non-traditional theatre experience, off stage and amongst the people, in the streets and businesses of Barrie.

About the project
"Spies of Barrie" is a highly interactive, real world game about spies. This is a new work and created in part thanks to funding from the Department of Culture. You can expect to see curious characters, clues, and puzzles scattered all over town, during three specific weeks in Sept/Oct, as well as play online via websites and social media.

About the creator
Vanessa B Baylen, trading as WhoDunnit Events, has been creating/directing/producing interactive events for the past ten years. Accolades include: selling out an 18-performance season one month in advance at the world's largest arts festival (Edinburgh Fringe 2008), extended sold out season (Adelaide Fringe 2008), sold old seasons (Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2010 and Melbourne Fringe 2007), BankSA Support Act Awards (Adelaide Fringe 2011 and 2008), Best Special Event Award (Melbourne Fringe 2007), and more.

Vanessa is passionate about utilizing local talent and businesses to present unique experiences. Vanessa immigrated to the Barrie-area last year, and "Spies of Barrie" will mark her North American debut.

If you are interested to take part in "Spies of Barrie" as a performer, please Introduce Yourself.

"I would recommend you to become involved with, perform in or attend one of Vanessa's shows if you ever get a chance"
~ Tess O'Flaherty
(2x WDE actor)





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WhoDunnit Events is an award-winning, international company which specialises in creating unique interactive events, commonly murder mysteries. We are experts at creating mental puzzles for brains of all ages. Our events have been presented publicly at numerous festivals to great acclaim. We also make fully customised "bespoke" experiences for private and corporate clients.

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